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This is where your dream is of an exhilarating African hunt, an exciting Tiger fishing experience and life-long memories, begin… Southern African Safaris is committed to providing our clients with a unique African experience; where we work to turn your dream of Africa into a reality. No matter if you are a first-time visitor to the Dark Continent, a seasoned traveler answering the haunting beckon of the African bush, or if you, your family or a group of friends are looking for the adventure of a lifetime…We can "Make A Plan" to ensure your time in Africa will reward you with positive memories to carry with you, the rest of your days.

"There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne." - Karen Blixen,

Safari Areas

South Africa

Southern Africa encompasses an abundance of diverse topography for the keen hunter and this sundry landscape offers a wide variety of hunting experiences.

South Africa also contains an intensely varied array of game animals. Southern African Safaris has partnered with land owners in all provinces in
order to provide our clients with any and every available South African range in which to pursue their trophies.

From the dry semi-desert habitat of the Gemsbok and springbok, to the tall mountains where the vaal rhebok live, down to the coastal bush favored by the remarkable Nyala, the diminutive Suni and the brilliant little Blue Duiker. We have organized hunting areas capable of accommodating the most discerning hunter's requirements.

The FreeState

Guinea fowl, Swainsons, Grey-wing, Red Wing and Orange River Francolin, as well as Doves and Waterfowl are popular shooting in this area.

It is also home to species like Wildebeest, Eland, Springbok and Blesbok and other plains game.


Big Game Country, wild, unfenced and vast. Not for the faint of heart. This is the Africa of Old…Our 380, 000 hectare hunting area on the North
bank of Cahorra Bassa, which is the largest man-made body of water in the Southern hemisphere boasts 50 km of waterfront, teeming with crocodile and hippo. Cahorra Bassa is also home to the renowned Tiger fish, whose ferocity when hooked has awed and humbled generations of fisherman.

Whether hunting Africa's Dangerous Game species: Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, Hippo or Crocodile, or plains game, such as: Sable or greater Kudu, Mozambique does indeed offer a memorable adventure.


Best time to visit Southern Africa is from May until October.

During these times in South Africa, the hunting seasons are open and in full swing. Clients can expect mildly cool to bitterly cold (0 - 7°C / 32 - 44.6°F) temperatures in the mornings and evenings, while temperatures usually climb to 19 - 22°C (66.2 - 71.6°F) during the day.

Apart from areas in the Cape, which experience wet winters, the rest of the country typically dry.
In Mozambique the weather is balmy to cool and the mosquitoes are at their tamest.

The bush is dry and the tall weeds and grasses have dried and died down. A majority of the indigenous trees have lost their foliage, which makes spotting easier and gives better shooting and/or photographic opportunities.


While on hunting or Photographic Safaris in South Africa, guests are accommodated in luxury and sometimes historic farmhouses, bungalows, ranch homesteads, as well as, traditional Safari lodges.

The concession areas in Mozambique consist of bungalows and luxury tented camps with adjoining shower and toilet facilities

Malaria & Vaccines

South African destinations

No vaccinations are required unless your state dept or department of health insists on them. Malaria is present in some areas, please check with us and we do recommend taking the necessary precautions where applicable.


We advise our clients to take full preventative measures to guard against malaria while on safari in Mozambique.