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Southern African Safaris is owned by John and Deanie Harris.

PH John Harris

Outfitter and PH John Harris has been hunting Southern Africa for over 35 years, and having spent a few years in the USA, John also had the opportunity to hunt in Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

John was involved in competitive shooting from a young age, with 22 rifle to start off with and then on to handguns - IPSC and Bianchi Action shooting where he earned National and Provincial colors.

He is an avid reloader, and runs classes at his local hunting association, and loads for calibers from 22Hornet though to 500 Nitro.
He has contributed articles to Magnum Magazine, Wild en Jag, and African Sporting Gazette, and the Big Bore Journal.
He was a grassroots member of the South African Gunowners Association, which promotes firearms rights and is a committed activist for sensible firearm legislation.

John is a Honorary Life member and past President of the KZN Hunters and game conservation association, and serves on the executive board of Chasa (Confederation of Hunters of Southern Africa).
John is married to Deanie, his best friend and partner (OK, Boss)

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Photography Acknowledgement

Some of the wildlife photos have been provided by Justin and Fay Klusener. They are a husband and wife team who live in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. They have a love for wildlife and the outdoors.

Have a look at some more of their great imagery at www.jfkphotography.com